Sunday, 11 March 2012

Blogger tip: How to depot your Urban Decay Primer Potion

In the age of waste not, want not, I have been trying to squeeze out every last bit of product before I throw it away (or should I say, recycle it). Urban Decay Primer Potions are notorious for their rather impractical packaging design (although they have recently redesigned the packaging to a squeezy tube), and so I decided I would try and depot the contents into my own pot - and was amazed at what I ended up with!

If you too have a UDPP that you think you are coming to the end of (trust me, you're not), and you'd like some tips on how to depot it easily and safely (without having to saw the packaging in half!), then read on!

What you'll need
001. A hard, robust surface - i'm using a chopping board.
002. Something plastic to cover your surface - such as a sandwich bag.
003. Something to scrape your depotted product up with - i've used an old (but disinfected) gift card.
004. (Optional) A knife to prise the plastic stopper out the top of your PP - be careful!
005. Tweezers - to be used in conjunction with or instead of the knife to pull out the plastic stopper.
006. A container to put your depotted PP in - i'm using a little pot I got from a travel set (for £1!) from Primark.
007. Your Primer Potion - i've got the original large one, and the smaller sample/travel sizes from the Naked Palette.
008. A microwave!

Step 1.
Prize out the plastic stopper from your primer potion using your tweezers (and knife if need be).

Step 2.
Place your primer potion upright in your microwave minus the wand/lid, and microwave for around 20-60 seconds at a time(test to find out what suits best). The packaging shouldn't be hot to the touch doing it this way, but should soften the product enough that it makes it easy to remove.

Step 3.
Turn your PP upside down and start to tap (or bang!) it onto your plastic surface. You'll have to do this for quite a while (and may have to remicrowave a few times), but you'll eventually get it all out as you can see.

Step 4.
Use your 'scraper' to, er, scrape the PP up and place (I used the dofer applicator that comes with the PP to wipe it off the giftcard) into your chosen new packaging.

Look how much came out! This was the result of one large and one small UDPP, both of which I had thought were practically empty - how wrong I was!

Do you have any handy beauty tips?

Melanie x


  1. Love the wee travel set I paid £3 odd for mine from Boots cos it had a wee spatula thing in it which I wanted...

    1. Yeah Primark has some really random stuff in there sometimes! x

  2. Thanks for this post!! Definitely need to do this, the older packaging is so impractical, glad that UD upgraded to a squeezy tube! I've saw people just cutting the bottle in half then scooping the product out too
    Gill Xx

    1. Yeah I originally tried the 'sawing' method but it just wasn't practical -or safe! x