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An Interview with...Shelley - ShelleyHearts

I'm actually managing to keep up with my idealised plan of doing one of these interview posts every month, and after Robyn's interview at the end of January, this time it is the turn of the lovely Shelley.
Shelley has a fantastic blog over at ShelleyHearts, and also happens to be a very talented blog-header designer - she very kindly created mine (which I am in love with!).


What Inspired you to start your blog and/or YouTube Channel?
I have a love for beauty and fashion and I had a few websites when I was younger – I started a blog earlier in 2011 however didn’t have time to run it, but started it up again later on in the year. I love blogging and reviewing – it’s my little hobby and I feel like it’s my own little world that I can decorate myself and share what I love!

     What would you like to achieve from your blog/channel?
There isn’t anything I really want to achieve from it. I look at blogs like llymlrs, Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter and VIPXO and I really love reading them – and so do thousands of other people! I guess I would like to have people feel that way about my blog too!

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting their own blog and/or channel?
Be yourself. Don’t mirror other bloggers and develop your own unique style of blogging.
Every once in a while I will blog about something completely random because I like it. I
think it keeps things fresh!

      (Other than your own of course) what blogs/channels do you recommend?
OBVIOUSLY Her Royal Highstreet ;) As previously mentioned I really like llymlrs, Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter (I spend hours watching her YouTube channel!) VIPXO (her eBay finds make my life), my friend IRL Leanne-Marie – I also really like Coleyyyful – I think she puts so much effort into her blog and it really shows. There are lots that I check every few days too on my blogger reader.

If you could choose one celebrity to guest edit your blog for a day who would you choose and why?
Hayley Williams from Paramore. She is my female inspiration. I love her style, fashion, unique hair and talent.
Maybe she could do a tutorial on how to make your hair orange :D


 Which celebrity do you think has the best overall make-up/hair style?
As I said before, Hayley Williams. I also have girl crushes on Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson!

What one item (cosmetic or otherwise!) could you not leave the house without?
Mascara! I have ok skin so could probably forgo the foundation – although last time I did that everyone commented on pale I was and were asking if I was ok!

Do you ever go out without make-up on?
I do sometimes, but I 99% of the time have at least mascara on. I feel more ‘me’ with make up on!

What would you say is the best Highstreet/drugstore line for each of the following, and do you recommend any products within in each category:
            ♥ Make-upI go between L’oreal, Max Factor, Maybelline and 17. 17 gave me my favourite ever mascara – Peep Show
♥ HaircareLee Stafford. I swear by the argan oil products!
            ♥ SkincareI am awful with skin scare! I literally only use Soap and Glory products – favourite being the Breakfast Scrub!

Any make-up/haircare/skincare tips?
The usual – always take your make up off! I also do an intensive conditioner once a week because I have particularly damaged hair. I leave it on for an hour while I watch television!

How would you describe your style?
I don’t wear the current ‘trends’ or anything. I wear what is comfortable. As I’m not very happy with my size at the moment, this could change once I have lost weight! I am partial to roughing up girly styles though – a studded belt over a flowery dress is right up my street!

Who's your biggest style influence/where do you draw inspiration from?
Myself! I don’t really take influences from elsewhere. I see items I want from other blogs and websites and then put them together to suit me!

Favourite place to shop?
Probably Republic, or Outfit.

Highstreet or designer?
Highstreet everytime!

Best fashion buy?
My Hell Bunny dress! They usually retail for over £50 and I got mine for like £6! Love it!

What would you consider wardrobe essentials?
Leggings and cardigans – I work from home so like to be comfortable during the day!

               Fashion "do's and don'ts"?
Please don’t wear leggings with tops that don’t cover your lady parts. Thanks!

Any last parting words of wisdom?
Be yourself and be true to yourself – your blog is your canvas to show the world YOUR style and the products YOU like.

Thank you to Shelley for a fantastic blog interview (I particularly like/agree with the part about leggings!)

Watch out for more blogger interviews coming soon!

Melanie x


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