Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Review: Eylure Sex and the City lashes - Miranda

As you might have noticed (as I might have mentioned it once or twice, ahem), my favourite beauty tool/product of the moment is definitely false eyelashes.

Ever since I 'discovered' falsies around December last year (and once I got the hang of the application process!), I have been wearing them almost on a daily basis, and once I find a pair I like I tend to wear them to death!

I've tested out quite a few different types up until this point, from the cheap 10-pair Ebay sets to the more 'expensive' (around £6) from Eylure and so on, but i've yet to try the uber-expensive sets from MAC and the like.
As much as I think i've got the hang of applying my false eyelashes, there are days where things do go wrong, and sometimes pairs can get messed up when I take them off, therefore I am loathe to spend a lot of money on my lashes, and hence I am always on the hunt for inexpensive yet good quality lashes.
Eylure is one of the most established false-eyelash brands out there, having been founded 60 years ago, and offers everything lash-related from strip lashes in a multitude of styles to semi permanent eyelash extensions, as well as products for your eyebrows.

They have famously collaborated with Girls Aloud to create a range of lashes designed by each of the band members (I particularly like the 'Cheryl' lashes), and have most recently launched 4 lash styles inspired by Sex and the City, which have been designed to reflect the personality they represent.

So far I have purchased and tried 'Charlotte' lashes (very pretty and feminine as you can imagine - review to come), and now the 'Miranda' lashes featured here.
I tend to try and avoid the very obvious false-lash look (as sported by the TOWIE lot, for example), and so much prefer natural, clear-band lashes which simply enhance your eyes without screaming FAKE!

These Miranda lashes are perfect for this - bias cut with a 'kick flair' (i.e. more emphasis/concentration) on the outer corners which elongates the eye - and can be worn during the day. And because they have a clear/natural band there is no need for heavy black eyeliner to disguise the join (the downfall of my favourite ELF dramatic lashes).

They apply really easily and keep their shape (sometimes when I take my lashes off they go a bit wonky which makes it hard to re-apply them), and can easily be worn for several times afterwards, providing you remove them carefully, and pick off any glue before the next use.
You can get these lashes for around £7 from the likes of Debenhams, but I actually found mine in Bodycare and Savers in the UK for only £2.99 and £1.99 respectively! I'm actually tempted to stock up whilst they're at these prices just in case!

Do you know of any lash ranges/types you think i'd like?


  1. you may also like kimberly walkers from girls aloud

    1. Thanks for the recomenndation - i've tried the Cheryl eyelashes from Eylure so will definitely check out the Kimberly Walsh ones :)