Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Matalan Haul

I never used to be a Matalan fan - I always used to associate it with Mums/Nanas and general frumpiness! - but recently, especially with their amazing sales they've had on, I can't get enough!

The prices are actually comparible with the likes of Primark, and the quality is excellent. Some of their ranges - Be Beau and Et Vous in particular - have some really stunning pieces, and i'm also a big fan of their shoe and jewellery ranges.

I would definitely recommend you get down there and have a look if you've got a store near you - and they have a 50% sale on right now!

Here's what i've accumulated from Matalan recently...

Sandals - £1.00 (yes, you read right!)

Sandals £1.00

Patent t-bar shoes - £14.00 (just the 'right' heel height - not too short, not too high!)

'Doctor's bag' - £14.00

Snood/chunky scarf (Men's) - £1.00 (!)

Woolie Hat (Men's) - £1.00!

Frog ring (cutest thing ever!) - £2.00 (approx - it was in a previous sale!)

Top - £7.00

Pastel skinny jeans - £8.00 (very similar to the Topshop Leigh Jeans/Primark Super Skinny Jeans)

Floral print pencil trousers - £7.00

Tops - £7.00 each (perfect for work!)

Fine-knit jumpers - £7.00 each.

'Tweed' jacket - £30.00 (and pencil trousers - not seen - £14.00)

Blazer - £12.50

Blazer - £9.00

Cowl neck tops - £6.00 each

Super soft jumper - £7.00

Jumper dress - £6.00

Jumper (button detailing on cuff) - £5.00

What do you think? Do you shop in Matalan?

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  1. I love Matalan, especially when you can get bargains like this!