Thursday, 18 October 2012

Strike Two!

I don't know if you've noticed, but at the top of my blog page on the right hand side there is a '30 before 30' list - which, as the name suggests, is 30 things that I would like to achieve before my 30th birthday, dum, dum, dum! - that I started some time ago.
I haven't filled up the full list of 30 items (and i've also since removed a couple - mainly No.8 which was "have a baby, ideally at 27". That ain't happening any time soon!), but of those that are there, I have managed to tick a couple off so far.

Yesterday I achieved another one. I went to the cinema myself.

Admittedly this isn't exactly as amazing or awe-inspiring as doing a bungee jump or something, but it is quite a taboo thing to do, especially in the UK, and one that I have always wanted the courage to do, but was never quite brave enough!

I'm quite pleased I did it though (to see Taken 2), and I would certainly do it again now. Get me!

I had also ticked another off the list earlier on this year (but I forgot to update), which was to see a West End Musical (does the Victoria Apollo count as West End..?)

I was down visitig my friend who stays in London, and we went to see Wicked which was just (said in a Craig Revel-Horwood voice) Fab-U-Lous! I'm not usually into musicals and whatnot (they can verge on the too-cheesy for my liking), but this was just beyond words, and I can see why people go and see it time and time again (one of my friends has seen it 7 times!).

Defying Gravity was my favourite song - I actually want to buy the sound track for my car!

Now I need to figure out what I want to achieve next...


  1. I LOVE going to the cinema alone, especially in the middle of the day. I always feel like a proper grown up when I do (for some reason I always thought that grown ups could do whatever they wanted and do things like, go to the cinema in the middle of the day and eat biscuits whenever they wanted...I forgot about having to!) Well done on crossing another thing off your list :)

  2. ^ I do too..(cinema alone) my popcorn, sit where I want...see what I want! its the BEST!