Tuesday, 9 October 2012

NOTD: Essie Bikini So Teeny

I haven't done any 'NOTD' posts for quite a while, largely because my nails have been in a horrendous state (nail biting is a nervous habit of mine - disgusting I know), but I have been doing my hardest to try and make them nice again!

Bikini So Teeny is one of Essie's latest shades from their diffusion line in Superdrug and Boots (and definitely one of their most popular), and when I saw Lorraine from The Current Custom wearing it, I couldn't resist and knew I had to try it!

It is an undoubtedly beautiful colour in the bottle: sky/cornflower blue with the teeniest hint of lilac, which is also shot through with a very, very subtle silver shimmer, although this is more apparent in the bottle than on the nails.

In the photo below I have only applied two coats, and as you can see the colour has came out more baby blue than that in the bottle - maybe if I applied three coats I would achieve a shade that was more true to (bottle) colour...?

I also applied Rimmel's Disco Ball (500) on my ring finger as I felt the colour was a little flat without a little bit of added sparkle!

The Essie polishes are not the cheapest - £7.99 for 13.5ml - but they certainly aren't as expensive as OPI for example, and are comparible in price with highstreet brands such as Revlon.

I am really impressed with the diffusion line of polishes- the formula has definitely been improved, and the brushes are SO much better, as you can see from the photo below (L: Island Hopping from the old range, R: Bikini So Teeny). The new brushes are actually very similar to the Rimmel Pro nail polishes.

For your information, unfortuntely, just as OPI was bought by COTY, Essie were bought by L'Oreal at the start of the year, and as such whether or not they have remained cruelty free is unclear.
I find this hugely disappointing, and something I didn't realise until after I had bought this polish, as I had assumed Essie were cruelty free.

Do you have any cruelty free alternatives?


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