Wednesday, 17 October 2012

What's in my bedside box?

(FYI, there's a corresponding YouTube video to this here)

Possibly a bit random, but being the nosy parker that I am, I love all sorts of 'what's in my...' tags (recently I can't get enough of those relating to supermarket/grocery hauls. Sad but very true), and this one I just decided to make up myself, given that I  have quite a stash of goodies to aid my beauty sleep at night!


Nail file/cuticle pusher - pretty self explanatory!

Badger Balm Cuticle Cream - A gorgeous little all-rounder that I have previously reviewed, I not only slather my cuticles in this, but also use it on my lips and any dry spots.

OPI Avoplex - A type of cuticle oil, I have been alternating this with the Badger Balm.

OPI Nail Envy - I don't really abide by the recommended 'rules' when using this -I use it as a base coat, and also whack it on most nights (if I remember) as an extra top coat, and it seems to  be working well.

Garnier Hydralock Hand Cream - Not one that I would buy now (given my goal to be cruelty free), I bought this a while back, and have been using it in an attempt to work through my stash of hand creams! I will admit that it is an excellent night-time hand cream, as it is incredibly thick.


Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub - As you may know, I am a Lush junkie, and bought this on a whim. It is essentially sugar, jojoba oil and colouring/flavouring (so essentially you could make it at home) but it's a lovely wee treat none the less.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - One of my mum's cast off's, I have been slathering my lips in this after using the lip scrub. I know it has been classed as another 'all round' product that you can use on cuticles and even all over your face, but it's a bit too sticky and brown for my liking to do that!


Cleansing wipes - I am not particularly loyal to a certain brand of wipes (I just happen to have these ones from Primark), as I am very particular about doing the full routine of cleansing/toning/moisturising, however I like to have wipes to hand for extreme cases!

Sudocrem and ELF Zit Zapper - my spot saviours! I use the ELF wand for the occasional spot, whereas I like to slather the Sudocrem over larger, more troublesome areas on my face!

Body Shop Dry Oil - This oil can be used on the hair, face, and body, but recently i've been massaging a couple of drops into my face whilst using the Ying Yu Jade Roller (not pictured - review to come).


Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter - I bought this a while ago on a whim (because i'd heard so much about it) but didn't actually know what i'd use it for. Turns out it's PERFECT for giving your feet a treat - it's basically made of olive oil, camomile oil and vanilla and not much else, and I love smothering my feet in it and putting on some cotton socks, especially after using my Lush Volcano Foot mask.

Have you got any must-have bedtime treats?

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