Saturday, 18 June 2011

Fraulein Pro Neutral Eyeshadow Palette Review

Sometimes there's nothing better than:
1. Waking up in a panic that you're late for work, then realising it's saturday (hooray!)
2. Getting new cosmetic goodies through the post!

Today when I woke up this little beauty had been delivered by the postie:
Fraulein Neutral 28 Eyeshadow Palette.

Fraulein is one of those (usually) china-based cosmetic companies, similar to Coastal Scents, Sedona Lace, etc, which offer eyeshadow/blusher/lipgloss/concealer palettes, make-up brush sets and so on, at really competitive, reasonable prices.
Whilst admittedly some of the products can be a bit hit-and-miss, I have been really impressed by this particular palette as my first order/experience with one of these companies.
(I especially like the wee line on the back of the box: An emsemble of multiple vibrant wearable eyeshadow colours for beautiful ladies to create more than 10,000 chic looks. )

These type of palettes are available almost everywhere online, particularly Ebay, and despite being identical, the prices for these can range from £5.00 to around £20.00, depending on the seller.
I got mine for £5.98, plus £1.98 P&P from this UK-based seller: Beautyground (as with most Ebay-based companies, this seller also offers other palettes, false eyelash sets, nail supplies -including UV lamps - and so on).

After ordering it on Wednesday evening, it arrived this morning, and came really securely packaged in a cardboard box, absolutely swaddled in bubble wrap.
The palette itself is really sleek yet quite sturdy, with a mirror in the lid, and is not dissimilar to MAC palettes (except instead of having to fill them yourself, they come complete!)

As you can see, I chose the 28 shadow palette in neutral, which comes in a mixture of both matte and slightly shimmery/metallic shades.

Whilst I might not be able to create the 10,000 "chic looks" the company claim is possible, I'm really pleased with the selection available, as they'll be great for everyday make-up, but could also be used for more smokey night-time looks when paired with eyeliner, darker shadows etc.
I also really like the idea that i've got all my basic shadow-colours in one place now, rather than having to lug loads of different eyeshadow pans etc about with me.

I went for a kind of bronzed look today using the palette (I couldn't wait to use it!)

Ingredients-wise, the eyeshadows are unfortunately talc-based, but i've still found them really quite vibrant and true-to-colour when i've tried them over my beloved Urban Decay Primer potion.

I would highly recommend this kind of palette to anyone like me who is looking for just a basic, everyday eyeshadow kit, or maybe someone who is fairly new to make-up and wants a simple and inexpensive palette to play about with.

Have you ever tried any products like this from similar companies?

Melanie x


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