Monday, 20 June 2011

Hello, my name is Melanie and i'm a hoarder!

...of Dove Beauty Finish Deodorant spray!

Bear with me here, i've not got some deodorant form of OCD (as far as I know...), i've simply been taking advantage of an AMAZING value-for-money deal I found on the Money Saving Expert Quick! Grabbit It While You Can! Forum.

Basically, using this link can get you £1.00 off Dove Beauty Finish Deodorant spray (150ml), but (if you use different email addresses to register), you can download as many vouchers as you want/need, until the 11th of July when the offer ends.
Tesco have this particular spray on BOGOF, costing £2.10 for one bottle.
Therefore if you use two vouchers, you can get two bottles for 10p (5p each!!)

You can use the vouchers in most Dove stockists (Boots, Asda, etc, etc, although Superdrug have been reported to reject the vouchers), but Tesco are the best value at the moment while the offer is still on.

I'm not sure how long the BOGOF will be on for, so get printing and stock up while you can!



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