Sunday, 26 June 2011

NOTD: A Shellac Hybrid!

I'm chanelling my inner Wizard of Oz/Emerald City vibe this week with my choice of nail colour:

There is no name for this particular shade, as it's actually a combination of two Shellac polishes: Black Pool (a jet black) with Iced Coral (a coral shade with a slight green dimension to it).

I couldn't get my head round how combining black with coral could equal amazing glittery emerald green, but apparently Iced Coral can be layered with a multitude of different Shellac shades to produce amazing colours (it must be the magic UV-lamp effect!)

Can't wait for my next appointment to try a different colour!

Melanie x


  1. Thanks :) I literally couldn't get my head round black+coral = green! x x x