Monday, 6 June 2011

(More) product use-ups - would I buy again?

Another week, another load of products that i've finally finished!

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy
£10 for 30ml EDP (special offer at Boots)
Despite this being the "Midnight" variety of Fantasy and thus meant to be more musky, etc, I find this is still a really fruity sweet smell, and whilst I do like it, I think I prefer the original Fantasy. However I can't tell you how many compliments i've had when i've worn it, so I guess it must smell pretty nice on my skin!
I think since it is such a bargainous price I will repurchase.

Boots Botanics Skin Brightening Toner
£4.07 for 350ml
Before this particular tone I was using one by Guerlain, and I have to say out the two this one wins hands down. It gives practically the same effect at a third of the price without drying my skin. I'll definitely be repurchasing either this toner or the Botanics Organic Rosewater toner (along with the eye makeup remover which i'm desperate to try!)

Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 Makeup remover
£2.99 for 200ml
In my search for a highstreet dupe/alternative to the Bioderma Crealine H2O solution, I decided to try this.
You can read my detailed review here, but as the question is would I buy again, the answer would be YES. I think it's a really cheap yet effective product, and is currently on offer in Morrisons for £1.49!

Dove Supreme Body Silk Cream
Approx £4.00 for 300ml.
I have always been a big fan of Dove products - they're a classic that i've grown up with, and I love the signature clean, fresh scent that comes with them. This particular cream is really thick and luxurious, yet sinks into my skin really quickly. Would I buy again? Yes - once I get through all the other bottles in my cupboard!

L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray
Approx £5.00 for 300ml
This particular brand of hairspray is a bit of a cult classic, but if i'm being honest i'm not a big hairspray user, and i've literally had this can for about 2 years!  I'm not particularly interested in repurchasing this again, particularly at the same price, although in terms of hairspray i'm quite keen to try the Glam Hair Rock 'n' Roll Hairspray by Umberto Giannini.

Will you be making any repurchases of your favourite products?

Melanie x

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