Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation Review

Bonjour mon amies, today's post is in the form of a review, this time for Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation:

I came across this whilst browsing on Fragrance Direct, and had been intending to purchase the Revlon Colorstay, but (after doing a quick google/blog search for reviews) decided to opt for this instead after being taken in (as I often am) by the blurb: multi-tonal pigment technology to blend with your natural skin tone/creates a smooth, flawless finish/innovative formula that creates the look of natural looking skin

Fragrance Direct were also offering this for £9.99 for 30ml instead of the usual RRP of £13.99, so I thought i'd try it whilst I could get it on offer.

I purchased (what I thought was) the lightest shade offered by Fragrance Direct (click here to see the Second Skin page on the website...oo I've just noticed it's gone up in price by 51p!), 040 Creamy Ivory, but when I received the product it did look quite dark, and I was worried I was going to end up with tango face!
(As you can see in the pics above and below the foundation does look a tad darker than my hand colour)

As you can see below however, it blends out really well and does seem to adapt to your natural skin shade, albeit whilst adding a slight tint to the skin.

This particular foundation is definitely of the light-to-medium coverage, possibly leaning more to the lighter side - i'd say it was almost like a tinted moisturiser but with a bit more coverage.
A little goes a long way - I use half a pump per four areas of my face (so two pumps worth for both cheeks, chin and forehead), and find it actually blends to a more natural finish when used with a foundation/stipple brush (I tried initially using just my fingers, but found the product was simply wiping off areas rather than blending in!)

Like a tinted moisturiser it gives enough coverage to even out skintone whilst giving a suble tint/lift and lovely glow to the skin. You will need extra concealer to cover spots/redness however (I use a green concealer round my nose and Rimmel coverstick on blemishes).

(With and without flash at 8am this morning)

(Without and with flash at around 5:30pm tonight)

As with any light coverage foundation by the end of a hard working day (ha) and in an air-conditioned office environment, it has worn off slightly, but not obviously so. I tend to find foundation (of any sort) wears off and goes patchy round my nose and chin, therefore I wasn't expecting Second Skin (which doesn't claim to be long lasting, infallible etc) to perform miracles and still look as fresh as it did first thing this morning, and I would like to put it to the "summer test", i.e. how it fairs through heat, sweat, etc etc.
It doesn't however leave my skin looking dry/cakey or dull as some foundations at the end of the day  can do, and as its so light it hasn't caused me to break out (*touch wood*).

I think this makes a good alternative to heavier foundations as we're coming into summer, whilst still providing that little bit more coverage and "security" than tinted moisturiser.

Have you tried it?



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