Thursday, 2 June 2011

Kiss Kiss...17 Mini Lipgloss Library Swatches

I received this little gem of a present from my lovely sister for my birthday - I really love my lipglosses and these mini sample-size ones from the Boots' 17 Ultimate Volume range let me try out a variety (in this case 10!) of different shades before buying a full-sized gloss.

This particular set of lipglosses is definately based on the more popular nude and pink tones (all of which make for a pretty - if sticky - lipgloss rainbow up my arm!)

(From L - R)
1. Crystal -(just seen) - a simple clear lipgloss but gives a very glassy finish to the lips
2. Blondie - this looks quite purple-toned in this pic, but is actually more a muted rose pink - not dissimilar to E.L.F.'s RunWay Pink Mineral Lipstick
3. Limited Edition Pink - I am GUTTED this is a limited edition only for this particular set, as this is without a doubt my favourite out of the set, and probably my most favourite gloss shade i've found yet. It's a nude with peach and gold tones through it, and it makes my lips look very plump
4. Sheer Pink - Not so much sheer as Barbie pink!
5. Nude - probably my favourite after Limited Edition Pink, this is quite a sheer nude with a hint of golden sparkle

(From L - R)
6. Dark Nude - as the name suggests!
7. Red  - This shade is more of a brown-toned pink than a red as such
8. Rose Red - A kind of blue-pink
9. Deep red - the most "true" reds out of the set, yet applies quite sheer, making it very wearable
10. Hot red - A metallic rose-pink red with a silver sparkle effect.

I have to say I do genuinely like all the shades of these glosses in this little set, and think they're ideal for keeping in your handbag, car etc, and it's worth searching for this kind of set (particularly in the post-season sales) in order to try products before you buy the full thing.
They are very typical glosses in that they are quite thick/gloopy and therefore sticky, but these tend to last longer on the lips than a very light/sheer gloss, and the colour payoff on the lips is true to the shade you see in the packaging.

I'm not sure what price this little was set was, or if it's still available, but the full sized glosses (8ml as opposed to the 0.8ml sample sizes her) are priced at a very reasonable £3.99 from most Boots stores.

Melanie x


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