Thursday, 23 June 2011

Style Crush of the Week...Nicole Richie

Hello lovely folk,

i'm back with another Style Crush of the week for you, this time its the teeny-tiny Nicole Richie.
Now, who can forget when she looked like this:

Thankfully she's looking a lot more healthy nowadays, and has her own clothing and jewellery lines (named Winter Kate and House of Harlow respectively).

I really like Nicole's casual, (seemingly) just-thrown-together boho type of style, and the way she accessorises with key pieces such as designer handbags (her favourites being Balenciaga and Chanel), funky sunglasses, hats and beautiful scarves.

Melanie x


  1. Great post idea - I love her style too :) Wish I had a bunch of money to transform my wardrobe! Nice blog as well - I just started following :)

    <3 Sidd

  2. Hey thanks for following (and posting - I really appreciate it when people take the time to leave comments!)
    Glad you like the idea of the "style crush" posts - gives me outfit inspiration each week! x x