Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Be kind, rewind...Melanie's first foray into OOTD-ing...

Hello bloggers and blogees, apologies (yet again) for the drought in posts, just can't believe how quickly the past few weeks have gone!

Anyway, I thought i'd try posting an "OOTD" for you, as these seem to be quite popular and I do love nosying at other people's outfits so I thought i'd give you a peek of what I wore to work today! (I do apologise in advance - it isn't that exciting and my hair is scraped back as it just wouldn't do what it was told this morning!)

Watch - Guess (21st present)
Black blazer - Primark (around £12 approx)
Grey jumper dress - Tesco (£18 approx)
Scarf - River Island (£7 in sale)
Leggings - Marks and Spencer (£5 from Gretna outlet village)
Boots - Clarks (£130 but were a present)

Should I attempt to do more?! It might help me to think more carefully about what I wear in future....

Melanie x


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