Monday, 14 March 2011

Ring Collection and Jewellery Storage

Evening all,

After posting a "Mini room tour" last night on YouTube (which I will link to at the bottom), I remembered I had taken pics of my ring collection, and thought i'd put them up as a follow on to the room tour, along with how I currently store my jewellery.
I buy the majority of my costume jewellery from Primark - they do some great items at fab prices, and I still find it amazing that the likes of Topshop can get away with charging about £20 for a necklace (for example) when you can often get something similar in Primark for £3!

This is my favourite ring of the moment; very similar to the Lola Rose rings - £1 Dorothy Perkins sale

This is a two-finger ring and really makes an outlandish yet pretty statement! - £3(ish) Primark

This was in my stocking at Xmas - some of the pearls have fallen off but I think it adds to the vintage look!

How impossibly cute is this ring? I also like the fact it could be used as a defensive weapon...- £2.50 Primark

This ring was originally gold-effect but has now tarnished/faded to a gold/silver mix. I still like the effect though - Primark possibly (I can't remember!)

I had to buy this after seeing it on SWalker's channel, and bought the matching bangle to go with it! - £2.50 Primark

Don't know if i've mentioned before but I have an obsession with collecting owl jewellery: rings, necklaces, when i saw this I had to add it to the collection! - £1 Dorothy Perkins sale

I keep all my rings on top of this jewellery "tree", made by Lee my Fiance, who is a cabinet maker....

He also made me another jewellery box which I keep my earrings in....

Coincidentally if anyone would like anything like this commissioned (along with the likes of mirrors, picture frames, walking sticks...anything wooden really!) then you can contact either myself or Lee personally at

For a wee look at other things in my room, see the vid below:

Melanie x


  1. Some fab rings there, I definitely need to have a better look in Primark at the jewellery! x

  2. Yeah i'd definitely recommend Primark for bits and bobs like that, cause if you break or lose them you've not paid out a lot for them! Matalan and even Dorothy Perkins are good for costume jewellery, although I try to get DP stuff in the sale lol x