Sunday, 13 March 2011

OOTD - casual Sunday!

Buenas Dias Chicas,

Second OOTD post for you - although this is what I was wearing this morning, i've since changed into a scabby old t-shirt and joggers to gut my room out! Was out doing some errands with mum and just threw on something casual yet quite chic (I thought!) - although looking at it now it does look a bit posh-mum-school-run attire....
(Please also excuse the fact i've managed to chop my head off - i'm seriously investigating the idea of getting a tripod!)

Olivey-green Jumper: Primark
Cardigan: River Island in sale
Dark straight-leg jeans: New Look tall range
Boots: Clarks

Off now to make a cuppa and catch up on some Most Haunted!

Melanie x


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