Sunday, 13 March 2011

NOTD - Barry M Nailpaint 313 Dusky Mauve

What would a OOTD post be without the NOTD to go with it?!

Today's choice is a polish I bought yesterday as part of the Boots 2 for £5 deal on Barry M nail paints: 313 Dusky Mauve (I also bought the very popular Indigo shade).

It is absolutely beautiful and the photos really don't do it justice: a gorgeous kind of brown shade (not dissimilar to Mushroom) with a stunning subtle metallic purple running through it, giving it a kind of "petrol" effect!

(The slight shimmer can  be see in the top right of the bottle here)

(Terrible out of focus shot but with the flash the metallic purple effect is illustrated better!)

Looks quite dark in this picture but it's slightly lighter on the nail. Perfect!

**Update 15th March** Whilst reading through Best of Beaute's blog, I realised that Barry M have produced another Chanel dupe with this particular nail polish, this time for the 509 Paradoxal shade. As you will see from Best of Beaute's post here, the two are practically identical!        

                                            Melanie x


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