Saturday, 26 March 2011

Maybelline 24H Superstay Foundation

Hello again peeps, I am trying my utmost best to not go and spend money today, so I thought i'd try and get some blogposts done.
I've just recently finished Bourjois's Biodetox foundation, and had originally planned on buying some Revlon ColourStay, but after hearing of a few other blogger's positive experiences with this foundation (such as Kelanjo) I decided to try it out.

What Maybelline say:
SuperStay 24HR Makeup stays comfortable and looks naturally flawless all day. Micro-Flex formula provides 24-hour wear and No Transfer Withstands heat, sweat and humidity. Oil-free, dermatogolist tested, fragrance-free. Suitable for all skin types

Available at most cosmetic stockists for an RRP of £9.99, I got mine at Tesco (yes I am never out the place!) on special offer for £6.49.
For your money you get 30ml of product containing an SPF 19 (why 19?!) in a bottle that comes with a pump lid (always a good thing to help reduce bacteria spreading).

As with a lot of highstreet/drugstore make-up companies such as Maybelline or L'Oreal, the colour range of the foundations can be very limited - in this case there are 8 different shades available, from 005 Light Beige to 070 Cocoa (colour varieties can be viewed online at Boots here), but of course the price is fairly reasonable that if you can't find your ideal shade you could always buy a couple and mix them.
I went for the lightest shade, 005 Light Beige, which I would still say is still slightly too dark for those with very very light/porcelain skin.
Previously I have ALWAYS struggled to find a good foundation colour match for my skin, but i'm really pleased as this one is almost unnoticeable when it is blended in, and adds a lovely "peachy" healthy effect and lift to my skin (blended in on my arm below - they say that the inside of your forearm or your wrist, NOT the back of your hand, is the closest colour to your facial skin colour - random fact!)

Below is me at 8am minus any make-up (slightly scary I know!):
Notice the uneven skin tone, redness/discolouration around my nose, shininess to the skin, and the spots/markings on my chin.

Now here is me with the Superstay on (but no other make-up as yet):
I applied this with my fingers then buffed over with a stippling brush. As you can see my neck and facial colour match, my skin tone is a lot more even, and most, if not all, of the imperfections have been effectively masked.
The foundation is definitely more of a matte finish than a "glowy" effect one (but I use Clinique City Block underneath and this helps promote a bit more of a healthy finish), and I would say it is a medium coverage foundation, although could easily be built up for a heavier coverage if needed.

I think Maybelline, along with other highstreet/drugstore cosmetic companies, are trying to develop their own "stay-put" foundations to rival Estee Lauder's Double Wear range. Revlon at the moment are definitely in the lead with their Colour stay foundation, especially since developing the foundation to cater for more skin tones and types, making the foundation available for normal/dry or oily/combination skin.
Whilst I wouldn't say Maybelline Superstay 24H stays on for 24 hours (after a day at work it can start to show wear on my chin for example) it is definitely more long wearing than other highstreet foundations i've tried previously (especially the Biodetox - I didn't like it at all!), and can often survive my weekend mid-afternoon naps! It also helps my blusher last a bit longer too, so far (**touch wood**) it's not made me break out, and instead of creating a mask like some long-wearing foundations, it looks natural ("my skin but better" as the reviewer saying goes!).
Photos of me below are around 5:30pm when I got home from work - with and without the flash.

If like me you have recently used up your foundation and fancy trying something new, but don't want to break the bank, then I'd recommend this - especially whilst it's on special offer!

Do you have any products you'd recommend I try?

Melanie x


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