Thursday, 17 March 2011

NOTD - Essie Nail Lacquer 610 Island Hopping

I know, shock horror - i'm wearing nail polish for once that isn't Barry M!
I got this in the post from a blog sale the other day, and was eager to try it out, so off came the Barry M Indigo (I didn't even have time to do a NOTD for this!) and on went the Essie "Island Hopping", which is a sort of purpley "griege" colour.
It looks very violet/purple here, but it's actually a lot more grey-toned in real life - my silly point-and-shoot camera wasn't picking the true colour up properly (can't wait to get my hands on an SLR!). It's slightly more true to colour in the picture below.

I'd say this was in the same family as Barry M's Dusky Mauve, or possibly even Mushroom: brown/grey toned colours which are very "in" right now.
This is my second bottle of Essie nail polish, and as much as I do like the two bottles I now have, i'm completely bewildered by the brush which is very skinny in comparison to other polishes, meaning the actual painting process takes a fair bit longer and can lead to streaks (i've got 3 coats of this particular colour on).

Essie nail polishes are available from a number of outlets, including (where a 15ml bottle costs an average of £9.95) but I got mine (as with many of my products!) from Ebay for around £3-4.

Melanie x


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